Chief scientist Cai Jiren academician
As the academician in academician workstation of our company, he is a well-known cryptographer in our country, responsible for promoting the integration and application of quantum cryptography and conventional cryptography technology, the main academic leader in the field of computer information security in our country, the chief scientist of "information and network security" project of national key basic research development plan.

Academic leader Guo Guangcan
He is an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, one of the people established science institute in University of Science and Technology of China, the founder of quantum information subject in China, the chief scientist of “quantum manipulation” major project of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, e.g. the project of "quantum cryptography communication and the physical implementation of quantum computing ".

Professor Han Zhengfu
He is the chairman of the company, engaged in the study of quantum cryptography since 1989, one of the earliest people engaged in the study of quantum information technology in our country. The patent technology in China and overseas researched and developed by the team under his leader is the core technology of QASKY. Currently, he is mainly responsible for the company's development strategy and core technology trend.

Research and development team

The company has built up academician workstation, provincial quantum security project technology research center, two major R&D centers in city of Hefei and Wuhu. There are 2 academicians and 10 senior engineers in academician workstation; more than 40 research personnel in Wuhu and Hefei R&D centers, among them there are 2 post-doctors, 4 doctors and 20 staff of master's degree or above.

Technological supporting team

Key laboratory of quantum information in Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has 19 professors, 20 doctoral supervisors, 15 associate professors, 15 post-doctors, more than 90 doctoral students currently, provide the principle research and technical support for the company.