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Solutions For Power Dispatching Data Network

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Network Requirements

Electric power dispatching data network is the basis of power grid dispatching automation and management modernization. It is an important method to ensure the power grid security, stability, economic operation, and an important infrastructure of power system. It plays an significant role in coordinating the joined operation of the generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, consumption and other components of power system, as well as assuring the safe, economic, stable and reliable operation of the grid.

Electric power dispatching data network has very strict requirements on data security.

Based on the deep acknowledgement of the power dispatching data service, QASKY commits to provide the solutions of unconditional security data transmission for the customer.

Solution Scheme


In this Scheme, as according to the network structure of level 5 electric power dispatching data network system, GHz quantum secure key system shall be deployed on backbone network, and 50m quantum secure key system shall be deployed in access layer and convergence layer, so as to realize the safety transmission of electric power dispatching data.

The real time triggering frequency of GHz quantum key distribution terminal reaches GHz to guarantee the real time encryption transmission of backbone network big data.

Power longitudinal encryption authentication gateway establishes different security tunnels for different businesses, transmits quantum encryption information, achieves high security encryption data transmission, and guarantees the safety of electric power dispatching data transmission.

Features of the Scheme:

Convenient and fast network deployment, wide coverage

 Quantum security key system can be deployed in different network layers by different trigger frequency. The deployment is flexible, and access network extends to 35KV station, which solves the coverage problem.

Safe and reliable data transmission

The security of quantum key is guaranteed by three basic physical laws of quantum mechanics, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of data transmission.

Elaborate encryption transmission of business

 For priority of various business, bandwidth occupancy and security requirements, by using multiple encryption authentication technology of electric power longitudinal encryption authentication gateway, to efficiently realize the security isolation and reliable protection of the business.

Customer value

It provides wide-area-network interconnection service with high safety and reliability for the transmission of electric power dispatching data business, and provides strong supporting for the achievement of safe and strong intelligrid.