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Solutions For Government Affairs Network

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Network Requirements

The Chinese government affairs website now has become an important platform of government agency’s daily office work and the embodiment of the government agency’s outside image. Nowadays, with the constant development of internet technology, the website establishment idea of e-government system for servicing people goes deeper. Thus online services become the major emphasis in work, government affairs information publicly goes deeper, and interaction gets progress steadily.

The features of government affairs website determine the high reliable and safe network data transmission.

QASKY possesses the mature application scheme for government affairs network and commits to provide reliable guarantee on unconditionally secure transmission of government affairs system data.

Solution Scheme


In this scheme, GHz quantum security key system will be deployed in provincial – city – county backbone network, and 50M quantum security key system will be deployed in city-controlled bureau, county-controlled bureau, public security, procuratorate and the court, with which to achieve the security transmission of government affairs data.

The real time triggering frequency of GHz quantum key distribution terminal reaches GHz to guarantee the real time encryption transmission of backbone network big data.

Quantum security gateway establishes different security tunnels for different businesses, transmits quantum encryption information, achieves high security encryption data transmission, and guarantees the safety of government affairs data transmission.

Features of the Scheme:

Convenient and fast network deployment, wide coverage

 Quantum security key system can be deployed in different network layers by different trigger frequency. The deployment is flexible, and access network extends to villages and towns (street), which solves the coverage problem.

Safe and reliable data transmission

 The security of quantum key is guaranteed by three basic physical laws of quantum mechanics, thus it ensures the safety and reliability of data transmission.