Quantum cryptography communication device

GHz quantum key distribution terminal

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Quantum cryptography is the first practical quantum information technology. It uses nocloning theorem and uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics. Password information shall be transferred through a single photon, and key distribution will be achieved between legitimate users via a quantum channel. Different from public key cryptosystems, the security is based on the basic physical laws of quantum mechanics, instead of being guaranteed by the computational complexity. Therefore it is called unconditional security. It provides us with a secure secret communication which is unlikely to be eavesdropped and broken.

Quantum key distribution terminal is the dedicate device to realize quantum cryptography technology. The international advanced Faraday - Michelson (F-M) phase encoding scheme is being used which is the most stable quantum cryptography communication solution in the world currently. The scheme has already obtained the patent licensing in China, the United States, Japan, etc. and the first prize of technological invention of Chinese Ministry of Education. The device conducts key agreement by the quantum state property of light to realize the security and high speed of the key distribution, and provide a key interface for upper applications. It is the core device in quantum security communication main line of wide range and quantum cryptography communication backbone network of city range.

Key properties

 High-speed integration: the highest repetition frequency is 1GHz.

• Carrier-class generic device: direct access for optical fiber communication network, intelligent key management center.

 International advanced coding scheme: F-M  phrase coding scheme, completely immune line disturbance, without human intervention (see image below)


Typical application scenario

Applied range

Wide range quantum security communication main line
City range quantum security communication backbone network
High speed quantum key distribution research
Multi-area synchronous true random noise source
High speed key service center

Technical parameter

    index parameter       

Trigger frequency*


Coded scheme

Phase encoding + decoy state BB84 agreement 

  Secure key formation rate(@50km,1GHz)  
Maximum communication distance

Fiber Interface



Power supply
Power consumption
4Ustandard chasis

* Means typical value, actual optical pulse repetition rate can be determined by the requirement.

Parameter table for selection


                                     ①   ②  ③ 


400 indicates the fourth generation
Indicates the trigger frequencies
       T means the transmitting terminal, R means the receiving terminal, TR means Transmission & receipt
X means different requirements of different users

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