Platform & Team

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The company is originated from the key laboratory of quantum information in Chinese Academy of Sciences. We have two R&D centers in city of Hefei and Wuhu, provincial quantum security project technology research center, academician workstation, and other quantum information R&D platform. We have more than 40 research and development personnel, including 1 professor, 2 provincial technology leading personnel, 5 doctors and 18 masters, who have many years of experience in developing software and hardware for quantum cryptography communication. Now we have Guo Guangcan academician team and Cai Jiren academician team totally 12 people in academician workstation. We have software and hardware facilities, instruments, and infrastructures working on quantum cryptography communication, information security, and rapid electronics, with strong ability in research and development.

Besides, we have technological supporting team - the key laboratory of quantum information in Chinese Academy of Sciences, with 19 professors, 20 doctoral supervisors, 15 associate professors, 15 post-doctors and more than 90 doctoral students currently, who provide theoretic research, research environment and technological supports for the company.