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International leading quantum cryptography communication solution  F-M phase coding scheme

F-M system: achieves complete immunity quantum communication in full line disturbance, with secular stability and not disturbed by channel environment.

The scheme performs excellent in optical cable tests, such as test for embedded optical fiber, aerial optical cable, river-crossing railway bridge optical cable and so on. It is the only one in China and very rare industry schemed patent in the world, which is the core technology in dealing with complex optical fiber link environment.

The scheme is an independent invention technology, which has already obtained patent licensing of China, the United States and Japan, as well as won the first award of technological invention from the Ministry of Education of China.

Patent certificate:


International leading schemed patent: wavelength division multiplexing quantum routing scheme

● The scheme is the unique schemed patent for quantum wavelength division router industry in the world.

● The scheme solves the automatic addressing problem of quantum information. It is a full-time all-pass quantum network routing technology.

● The scheme follows “boundary dyeing theorem, the port number can infinite extended theoretically.

● Quantum router patent authorized by 8 countries.