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Wu Jinsong, the Deputy Director of Anhui Development and Reform Commission Investigated QASKY

release time:2013-04-25   Click on:1304

In recent days, Mr. Wu Jinsong, the deputy director of Provincial Development and Reform Commission and his delegation visited QASKY in high-tech zone of Wuhu for investigation. Mr. Pan Chaohui, the deputy secretary of municipal party committee and acting Mayor of Wuhu city, met with the delegation of Wu Jingsong and had an informal discussion with them. Mr. Wang Bin, the director of the Wuhu municipal development and reform commission, Mr. Xi Nanshan, the executive deputy director of Wuhu high-tech zone management committee and government district mayor of Yijiang District, Mr. Qu Hui, deputy director of Wuhu high-tech zone management committee and the responsible person of the company participated in this investigation.


The delegation visited the quantum technology laboratory of QASKY, watched quantum secret communication products. Mr. Wu Jingsong asked for details of the related technology of the products, market application and so on, and had a deep discussion on the development of high and new technology in Wuhu with Pan Chaohui and the responsible person of the company.

In the symposium, the delegation listened quantum development report of QASKY, had a detailed understanding of the situations on the company’s technology research, source of special funds, product application direction, etc., and exchanged the opinion of the future development ideas with the responsible person of the company. Wu Jing-song stressed that the enterprise should adhere to increase investment of science and technology strength, innovate ideas, improve the management mechanism, realize a breakthrough in quantum technology field, and strive to develop more high-end products for making contributions to national scientific research, communications, defense, etc.