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Science and Technology of QASKY Shining in Shenzhen High-tech Fair, Anhui Provincial Governor Wang Sanyun Making Personal Appearance Visit

release time:2016-10-09   Click on:1227

With the scientific and technological innovative products of completely independent intellectual property rights - “city-wide quantum secret communication system”, QASKY attended at the 11th High-tech Fair, exhibited the cutting edge researches and application achievements of quantum secret communication technology in China. Provincial governor Wang Sanyun leading the leaders of cities in Anhui province and Bureaus listened to the report at the exhibition stand.

Chairman of the company Han Zhengfu reported the company''s latest research achievements, product sales progress, market operation and development planning to the provincial governor Wang Sanyun. When introduced "quantum e-government network" established in Wuhu by the company, the provincial governor said, I’ve known that for long about your "quantum e-government network", and I’ve been looking at your progress always. The governor was very happy after hearing the company owning two of the core patents that are few in the industry, and instructed, our high-tech companies should have a voice in the core technology, you should take continuous efforts to do the work better. Quantum communication technology is a revolutionary technology in communication field; Anhui provincial government will continuously pay attention to and support the company.

As the bellwether in the field of Chinese quantum information, QASKY is the only company possessing the complete quantum cryptography independent intellectual property rights, having a number of top international patents in quantum cryptography point-to-point communication scheme, quantum cryptography networking technology, quantum cryptography core components. The typical representative of quantum communication system - "Wuhu Quantum E-government Network" is an comprehensive reflection of the world''s first multi- layer and complex networking scheme. Its establishment marks that the practical application of quantum information and communication technology in China has walked in the front end of the world. This unique networking mode has the potential to be the technological direction of the same field research and application in the world.