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Take Part in Exhibition “Telecommunication Day in 17th,May”in Kunming, Yunnan

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In the past few days, Doctor Zhao Yibo lead marketing department personnel of the company to participate in the conference of “Telecommunication Day of 17th May” with the theme of advocating ICT entrepreneurship and expanding social impact.

In the morning of 17th, May, seminar with the theme of advocating ICT entrepreneurship and expanding social impact was held in multifunctional hall of Zhenzhuang hotel in Kunming. Academician Guo Guangcan from Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a report of “Singularity of Quantum and Quantum Information Technology”, mainly introducing the singularity of quantum, application prospect of quantum computer, domestic and overseas progress of quantum devices and practical application of quantum communication.

Meanwhile, marketing department personnel of QASKY set up a set of QKD and operational equipment and guaranteed the equipments to exhibit normally for the coordination of the speech given by teacher Guo. Relevant personnel from Yunan Tianqu Quantum Technology Ltd coordinated to finish the job.

Direct General Gao from Yunnan Communications Authority, leaders from Communications Regiment of Yunnan Reserve Forces, leaders from Yunnan Association of Science and Technology visited exhibition stand of our company and asked for information about quantum information and QKD product, we actively gave introductions and explanations to the leaders.


Academician Guo Guangcan presenting at our exhibition stand to get a general knowledge


Group Photo

In addition, personnel from marketing department of our company visited “Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition and Maker Salon” held by Yunchuang Center in Chenggong district of Kunming in the afternoon of 17th, and went to QKD display system set up by Yunchuang Center. Our exhibition stand was located in the central position of the whole exhibition hall and was exhibited together with CMCC, UNICOM, TELECOM and China Tower.